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Our Services

 We focus on a range of carpentry
related services, such as:

  • Custom, premium deck construction

  • Framing services

  • Basement developments

  • Garage packages, as well as garages with suites

  • Full home renovations, as well as additions

  • Finishing services

We are also equipped and able to provide:

  • Contracting services

Edmonton Carpenter

ABOUT Evolution Carpentry

Evolution Carpentry was founded in Edmonton, AB in 2011 by owner/ operator Mark Shaheen, with a view towards improving upon old as well as new and existing building standards. 

Our mandate, “advancing your home to a higher standard”, truly expresses what we aim to achieve. Whether that involves bringing a home from the 40’s into current building codes and beyond, or building a custom home from the ground up, we always pose the same question from the beginning - how can we take what we’ve been given, and create something of utmost quality with it.

Beyond our core belief in quality, we also believe in creating structures that are functional, efficient, and beautiful. As opposed to choosing function or form, we strive to find a happy medium that includes both. 

Our intent is always to achieve an end result that our clients love. We work hard for our paycheques, and we know our clients do too. From that standpoint, if a client is paying hard earned money for a service, they should come away totally satisfied with the product. We strive to work closely with our clients to ensure that at the end of the job, their sentiment is one of “money well spent”.


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